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John Hatchett, M.D., specialist in breast diseases and lower extremity varicose veins.

Dr. John Hatchett, a general surgeon in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, offers specialized care in breast and vein diseases. Strides in technology bring quality ultrasound to physician's office for surgical management of these medical problems, previously treated mostly in the operating room. This shift to minimally invasive surgery confers major benefits to patients: ease, convenience, reduced cost, and rapid recovery. This is especially true with breast and vein diseases.

Dr. John Hatchett uses breast ultrasound for management of most benign and malignant breast diseases. Biopsies are performed without the need for open surgery, hastening diagnosis. Many conditions, such as aspiration of breast cysts and diagnosis of benign diseases can be accomplished entirely in the office setting. Malignant tissue can be sampled with sonogram guidance. Time to diagnosis is shortened allowing efficient staging and treatment planning. The use of ultrasound in the operating room for cancer surgery results in improved outcomes for breast conservation.

For many years, the only treatment option for varicose leg veins was stripping of the diseased greater saphenous vein. This was an open surgery with extensive dissection and trauma to surrounding tissues. Many patients were left with added pain and long-term disability which limited the popularity of this surgical approach. Dr. John Hatchett uses the VNUS Closure Procedure which is a sonogram directed minimally invasive technique for accomplishing the same outcome. This has revolutionized the management of lower extremity varicose veins. The procedure is performed in the office with light sedation and local anesthesia. Recovery is rapid and predictable. Results are durable. Patient's satisfaction is high.

Dr. John Hatchett offers compassionate, personalized, state of the art care for patients with breast and vein diseases.

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